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Shakespeare Corner

Are you looking for an exciting innovative way of doing Shakespeare with your class?

Look no further... It's right here! 

We have four different abridged versions of Shakespeare’s plays on offer for schools to purchase alongside a teaching pack and optional CPD training and workshops. We currently have Macbeth, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Romeo and Juliet available suitable for year 4-6.

Each play has been abridged to approx. 20 mins, with ensemble performance techniques and modern language narration. It is our objective to make the scripts accessible and fun for young people to be inspired by and enjoy. Our user-friendly teachers’ packs include a drama workshop with step by step instructions on building the production plus music suggestions, props, and cue sheets. Everything you need to complete a production hassle-free. This introduces an innovative way of working with all cast on stage all the time and chorus work produced before the introduction of the script, making rehearsals more fun for the participants and less sitting around waiting for ‘your bit’.


As a school, you may choose just to buy the script and teachers pack, if you choose to go ahead alone. However, you could also purchase a workshop with the writer as a CPD session this could be shared by a number of staff and schools. Alternatively, you could run a larger project employing the skills of the writer to visit the school to facilitate the initial workshop and help with the directing of the production. This would involve a minimum of three visits to work with the class. 

"The performance of Macbeth was mesmerizing. Children were confident and convincing on stage and the audience was blown away by what the cast had achieved. The script was exceptionally well crafted so that it was accessible without losing the essential ingredients of a Shakespeare production. The workshops gave staff and children an excellent introduction to professional stagecraft. This needs to become a regular fixture on the school's curriculum."
- Andrew Macdonald (Headteacher, Langham Primary School)
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